Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fall 2006

I love this picture. Caden adores his daddy!

Lucy giving a full face kiss

Already helping mommy shop!

The Cota's!

Lucy is always close by making sure Caden is OK

Love this smile..

Teething on a baseball

Mommy and Caden at the pumpkin patch

Little Frog!

Bathtime with Drew

I got a new Nikon camera for my birthday so I am hoping to take lots of great pictures! Caden still continues to grow and be such a joy.. Sleeping is still a struggle, but he is so healthy and happy! He was a frog for his first Halloween, but got a little cold and wasn't feeling good so he didn't even wear the costume on Halloween! The Cota's came to visit and so did the Garfields. You LOVE Lucy and she always makes you smile. Grandma and Grandpa and Nick and Adrienne came up for Thanksgiving so that was special. You absolutely HATE riding in the car, but if I let you watch Elmo on the little DVD player it makes you a little happier:) Caden got some teeth this fall! His top right came in first on Sept 4th 2006 at 5 months old, and a week later the left top tooth came through! Still just nursing, we tried some oatmeal and babyfood and he wanted nothing to do with it! At 9 months he weighs 22lbs and 15 oz and is 29inches long!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Caden 3-6 months

First Seahawks game, Sept 17, 2006

Seriously, LOVE these legs!! 3 months old

The new house! Moved in August 2006

The Bumbo seat only lasted a week or so, his legs were too thick to fit!

Grooving in the excersaucer

Group of moms from First Weeks class at Birth and Beyond!

Mt Rainier trail walk

Smiling at mommy, July 2006

Grandpa Jim!

4 generations of Fredericks, so special!

Grandma Jo

Caden and Drew Grafield.. They share a birthday!!

At 3 months old, we took our first trip with Caden down to The Ranch in Winters in July to visit the Fredericks family! Caden did awesome on the plane, just slept and nursed! He is such a good baby. Everyday I feel so lucky and blessed to have an amazing husband who works so hard so I can stay home and be a mommy full time. We also got to see the Garfields, some great friends and Kelly and I were pregnant together and the boys were born on the same day! I was 2 weeks late, and Kell was 2 weeks early.

I have a great group of moms with babies the same age as Caden and we get together once a week. It's been a great source of information and support for me these first few months! We also made a BIG move down to Bonney Lake. We bought a new home there and are excited to move! We will miss Queen Anne, but being close to Adam's office will be so nice for him. We went to Mt Rainier and did a little trail walk which Caden loved. He loves to be outside and is so observant. At 4 months Caden weighed 20lbs. He's quite a chunk!! Still eats every 2 hours, 24 hours a day. He sleeps with us, and just takes little cat naps.. Not a good sleeper quite yet but that's OK! We went to a Seahawks game too and he did great! Caden loves his Jumparoo and his exersaucer and of course, Lucy..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First 3 months

This is our first house! 354 Queen Anne Drive. We closed on it 2 weeks before our wedding. This is the house Caden came home to!

First intentional grab.. 2 months old

First smiles at 5 weeks

Not so sure about grass! 9 weeks old

This is the beginnings of Caden's nursery, which he never slept in!

First Mariner game with Caden, 2 months old.

First bath at home, 2 weeks old.

First outing to the dog park, 7 days.

First photo shoot at 5 weeks and he did so good! Propped himself up and smiled!

First Fathers Day and check out those legs!!

The first couple of months were all about learning.. Learning how to change a diaper, nurse, bath him, calm him and soothe him. He was a champion nurser from the get go. He nursed at LEAST every 2 hours which was a little tiring for me! He slept with us, most of the time on my chest. We get lots of comments like "wow, that's a big baby!" and at the time we didn't see it. Looking back at pictures now we laugh! He never lost any weight (which can be normal for newborns those first few days) and was a solid 10lbs at 1 week old and the scale just continued to climb! We had some newborn pics taken at 5 weeks and he was holding his head up and we even got a smile in there.. Such a sweet, sweet boy.. A few firsts: 7 days old we got out of the house and visiting my old office and went to the dog park! Your first smile was at 5 weeks, we got a little giggle on Fathers Day June 2006 and you rolled from your belly to your back on July 7 at 3 months.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A few more from the hospital..

With grandma

With Uncle Zach

With Papa

Your going home outfit


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The Beginning

Our support team!

We were so excited to finally meet him. He was 12 days late and all!

This little boy loved his daddy from day 1. This was the start of a special relationship..


Mommy looks tired and daddy looks thrilled!

The Fredericks boys with their latest addition

Well, technically it began when daddy and I got married:) But I decided I needed to go back and start the story from the BWK. (beginning with kids!)
April 4, 2006 our lives were forever changed when Caden James Fredericks entered the world!
The labor began at 5am on the 3rd, Daddy was excited because it was opening day of baseball so he got to stay home and watch. We walked 3 miles around Greenlake trying to keep things going and at 5pm we headed to the hospital, Swedish Ballard in Seattle. The labor was long and hard and finally after being stuck at 8cm for 3 hours I got an epidural and Caden made his entrance 3 hours later, all 9lbs 1oz of him! Our midwife, Sally Avenson, was amazing and made the experience all I could have hoped for. Jordan and Nana were there the whole time to watch and support us. Caden nursed the second he were born and we were in LOVE!! We went to the hospital with 3 names: Mason, Noah & Caden. But once we met him, we just knew he was a Caden.. And that's where it all begins:) After a short 24 hours were were headed home!