Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First 3 months

This is our first house! 354 Queen Anne Drive. We closed on it 2 weeks before our wedding. This is the house Caden came home to!

First intentional grab.. 2 months old

First smiles at 5 weeks

Not so sure about grass! 9 weeks old

This is the beginnings of Caden's nursery, which he never slept in!

First Mariner game with Caden, 2 months old.

First bath at home, 2 weeks old.

First outing to the dog park, 7 days.

First photo shoot at 5 weeks and he did so good! Propped himself up and smiled!

First Fathers Day and check out those legs!!

The first couple of months were all about learning.. Learning how to change a diaper, nurse, bath him, calm him and soothe him. He was a champion nurser from the get go. He nursed at LEAST every 2 hours which was a little tiring for me! He slept with us, most of the time on my chest. We get lots of comments like "wow, that's a big baby!" and at the time we didn't see it. Looking back at pictures now we laugh! He never lost any weight (which can be normal for newborns those first few days) and was a solid 10lbs at 1 week old and the scale just continued to climb! We had some newborn pics taken at 5 weeks and he was holding his head up and we even got a smile in there.. Such a sweet, sweet boy.. A few firsts: 7 days old we got out of the house and visiting my old office and went to the dog park! Your first smile was at 5 weeks, we got a little giggle on Fathers Day June 2006 and you rolled from your belly to your back on July 7 at 3 months.