Friday, July 31, 2009

Special times with your Papa.

Floating the creek!

Hiking with Papa

Working in the yard!

Your very first hike, April 2009

Caden you LOVE to go to Nana and Papa's house and just be outside. You get to do all sorts of fun things with him and he simply adores you! You love trips in the boat on the creek, walking the little farm near by, and just helping with whatever he is doing! So here are a few special pics of you and your papa..

Just some fun Caden stuff!

We went to story time at a local kids store and you got to have your face painted. Of course you got mommy's favorite thing.. a spider! You didnt want me to wash this off of your face at bath time..

You could push a truck around for HOURS at the park. Seriously, it's one of your favorite things to do! You are just over 3 in this picture.

This is your growl. You used to growl at people, anyone we would pass, and it was so embarrassing! Now you growl in the trees in the backyard and "whack" spiders while doing it!

My sweet boy helping me make your all time favorite snack.. banana bread!

First Bath and wow does she love water!

So I am trying to pick up where I left off.. And I know I have been absent for a while. These first few months have been busy! But since this is going to be like my kids baby book, I gotta get with it. So here it goes.

Addison, we gave you your first bath and you LOVED it. You have proven to be quite the water baby so far! You love to kick around, don't mind water in your face and don't at ALL mind cold lake water on a hot day. You are proving again to be the easiest baby possible. We went to Palm Springs when you were 3 months old and loved relaxing in the floaty thing we brought for you. Sometimes I wonder if it's because you were born in the water? Anyhow it sure is fun!

This is you in the pool in Palm Desert at 3 months old. You LOVED floating around and almost fell asleep! You got lots of attention on that trip from your Nana, Papa, Uncle Zach and Auntie LoLo!

We had the hottest day ever recorded in Seattle.. I don't know the exact temp but it was over 100 on Wednesday, July 29, 2009. So we stuck you in the pool, in your exersaucer and you loved it!