Saturday, April 7, 2007

Caden's One Year Pictures

He love to push trucks around, he could do this all day long!

Our family

We loved this one of Lucy.. She hates missing out on the action!

Sweet boy! He loves this car that Grandma and Grandpa got him

Momma and her boy

We had Mimi Jung come down and take some pics for us for Caden's "one year". He did such a good job for the camera.. We had a small window before meltdown/naptime but we got some good ones!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Caden's First Birthday!!

Not sure sure about the cake! First time eating something like that.

I made an Elmo cake (organic of course!) with all natural frosting which in turn made Elmo not so red:) Nana frosted it for me!

Our family

Greeting people at the door!

Elmo was the theme and you loved the balloons!

How is it possible that he is a year old? It has gone by so fast. He continues to amaze us and make us laugh! We had a party at the house and a bunch of family friends came over for a BBQ. He was more interested in the shoes and purses at the door than his presents! He is still nursing a lot but is eating finger foods too. He never really did baby food, he likes to feed himself and doesn't like the texture of mushy things.. He still naps twice a day and does quite a few signs too (milk, please, more, all done) and he can show us that he is 1 year old! He loves cats and airplanes, and says dadda, momma, gog (dog), cat and bird. He loves his push toy and chases Lucy with it and cracks up.. He likes his Shake and Go cars, his helicopter and firetruck from Bunka and Albie and LOVES to dance! We love you Caden!!