Sunday, November 16, 2008

He did it!

Well with the new baby coming and all, we figured he had to learn to go to sleep on his own.. By himself, without us in the room, staying in his own bed. Up until now, we have been laying down with him (and I will admit 1/2 the time falling asleep with him!) until he was asleep, then we would sneak out. This sometimes took an hour. We figured it would be a huge battle as he is quite the cuddle bug. So today at naptime, I put him in bed, snuggled him all in and told him I would be back in a bit to check on him. He didn't get out of bed once! I heard him seeing his whole list of songs (Take me out to the ballgame, ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider were a few) and then it was quiet... Only 30 minutes and he was asleep! You may wonder why I am posting this... well, this is a big step for us! We are not "cry it out" people so I was worried that the transition would be a nightmare! Yes.. that's a binky in his mouth and that is our next step:)

Our little goof ball..

He rarely sits still and smiles for the camera, so I had to seize the opportunity. Thought I would just post some regular ol' pics showing us what a happy boy he is and how much joy he brings us. Sometimes it's hard to imagine loving anything more than we love him. He can always put a smile on our face, even when he's about to make us insane:)

His first trip to the box office:)

So as you can tell, this blog has become more of a babybook for Caden and a family photo album of our adventures.. I am NOT a scrapbooker.. It's just not my thing.I have tried several times and it's no use. I don't have a creative bone in my body! So, I plan to use this blog to prove that I did keep track of major events in our family without all of the gluing, cutting, and decorating!

Anyhow, we went to see Madagascar 2 and he did great! He did have to take one little walk round the place with Papa 1/2 way though, but other than that he sat and enjoyed himself! I can't believe how big he is getting... such a big boy:(

Fun in Maui!

It is impossible for me to get a good picture with him! He's very...should we say busy??Being so good at dinner up in Kapalua! He became very fond of getting a "POG" to drink, such a treat! (papaya, orange juice and guava!)

Doing the slide all on his own! Yes, he looks like Casper with all of that sunscreen on his face! We were paranoid of him getting burned..
The first time tasting sand. He took a face plant...and like it! The very fun Pirate Ship pool! He was a little timid on the slides at first, but was going solo with in a couple of days!Daddy and Caden in the pool!
So this is what waves look like?

All set on the plane.. Snacks? Check. DVD player? Check. Blanket? Check!
Well we got to take a fabulous week long vacation to Maui 2 weeks ago.. What a great place to spend my 32nd birthday! Thanks to Adam's sister and brother in law (a HUGE THANK YOU!!), we stayed at the Westin and had an amazing time. Caden was SO busy going from the big pool, to the little pool, to the beach, to the pirate pool, chasing frogs, chasing birds..whew. It was a bit tiring but so worth it. I don't think Adam and I ever got to sit in the sun together! One of us was always on the move. We rode the Sugar Cane Train (didn't see sugar cane, they just tell you where it USED to be! Kinda funny..) and spend lots of time in the water. Here are some pics!